Saturday, July 17, 2010

latest on Benjamin

Benjamin is stable, his chest valve has no closed finally (a good thing), hopefully proper chest circulation will now hopefully start a chain reaction in the rest of his body. He hasn't been digesting food for the last 4 days, his tummy is full but it stops there, so they have got him on artificial nutrients.  Tonight we will find out if he is accepting food again. All of Bens problems have  been common for preemies thus far, but concerning none the less. The list of what he is going through and what he may be up against is exhausting. He has a few more hurdles in front but I believe he is getting stronger everyday. He is so small you can actually see  his heart beating. At the moment he is around 850 grams and losing weight, originally 950 grams. I was only allowed to Pat him on the head as he has no immunity to germs at all. The staff and doctors have just been amazing over there, Ben has a nurse to himself, quite the ladies Man!!!!!  I get to talk to the Doctor every night. Australian High Commission in India have finally kicked in and are now going out to visit and help with all administration, and anything else that pops up, they have been amazing. 

Here are some pics of Ben and his environment, he looks a bit like a scrawny cat with no hair. But is getting more colour.
He has long legs and big feet just like Sam. He has two aussie premie mates in the next room Elektra and Eros so that's nice his has some friends. We will return to Delhi in mid to late august and stay there for approximately two months for lots of kangaroo cuddles with us.

Then hopefully bring him home once he is 2kg.

Sam and I are OK, feel stronger this week, last week was a mess. 

Zac will be cremated in Delhi when we return and we will bring his ashes home. Poor little man. 

So proud to be a Dad.

Love to you all
Phil  xx

p.s the newspaper is completely sterilised ! A lot of people are freaking about the newspaper.


  1. hey, amazing photos! when he's running around as a toddler you will look back at these and realise you can cope with anything!

    I now you said it was sterilised but hey, why the newspaper?

    love to all 3 of you x

  2. Dar4ling little baby - I am so teary looking at him, but i know he is just growing and getting stronger day by day and will be out of there so very soon. xxx auntie Meg