Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two steps forward, one step back.

Ben (30 weeks old) has stopped digesting his food again. The Doctors believe his stomach and intestines are underdeveloped, so back to the artificial nutrients through a drip. This is a common problem with Premature babies and usually it gets sorted out naturally. 5% of cases turns into serious trouble, so fingers crossed. Also he has gone back onto Ventilation as he was experiencing Apnoea (shortness of breath). Otherwise he is growing.
Thank you G for the pictures, it is wonderful you are there and your taking your little ones out of the hospital on Monday. Can't wait!
Also thank you to everyone who has sent messages, love and support through this blog from all over the world! It means alot to both of us.   P xx

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  1. He is a little fighter Ben will be fine
    prayers and good thoughts