Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Urine!!!! A rebound!

Today after a long day of post op nightmares including heart troubles, decreasing blood pressure and oxygen levels in his system, Ben had a drop of urine pass through as of half an hour ago. This is good, kidneys are starting to function. Will find out in a couple of hours if any more urine has passed!

Come ON little Man keep fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you


  1. Hooray, the best of news.
    Your little man continues to be in our thoughts and prayers,

  2. I know the feeling of having children on life support. My twins were touch and go for a long time. I know how your head is swimming and everything feels surreal. You would be surprised at how the smallest and sickest babies can turn into the healthiest and wildest babies. I am thinking of you all of the time and praying for your little man. With you both as parents I think he has a wonderful chance.

  3. Praying for good news. Renee&Paul

  4. Hang in there. I read about your surgery as I went to bed last night and checked first thing this morning to see if there was progress...I'm glad there is!!!! Keep on getting on little man!!! Your family is in our prayers.

  5. Guys thank you for all your support, am exhausted but am very proud of little Benjamin!!!!!!!!!!