Friday, July 15, 2011

New photo's, news and adventures!

Hi All. 

Please to say we have the all clear from Consulate and Doctors to come home! Alas can't bring plane tickets forward, so now we are escaping manic Delhi and heading to Rishikesh to flirt with the Himalayas and snuggle up to the ganges. A Holy City, home of Yoga and no booze.  Eeek! The views are meant to be amazing and it will be nice to finally get out of this hotel room and have a change of scenery!

Apart from some dry skin, the girls are coming along just fine, had their second check up with doctor yesterday and his is happy. Both of them have put on weight. Which is a relief!

I must say the level of readjustment has been rapid and extreme. We both love our little girls so much, they are so gorgeous.....   and different!  Zoe is the chill queen, lots of snoozes, snuggles and not very demanding until it is absolutely essential. Ruby is very demanding, everyone stops when she wants something and loves to be the centre of the action. A funny balance.

Getting use to the lack of sleep too, our dependency on nurses have started to lessen (once every four days or so). Both of us now handling elements of night shift and getting it down to a fine art, well for this stage anyhow.

Pics and news from Rishekish coming soon!

In the Atrium at the Imperial Hotel in Delhi with the Bakers from Melbourne, have just notice that Josh Baker is wearing the same outfit as me, and doing similar manoeuvres. Had a great night!

Josh Rebecca Me and Micheal

Sam and I in front of one of the many orchid flower displays in the Imperial Hotel,
one orchid in tiny little vases times hundreds, the halls and foyer smelt amazing.

Like this photo, killing time before the car picks us up, a great night had by all!

Sam giving Ruby a bath

Girls have a pool party every second day on the rooftop.

Ruby and Zoe chilling with some humid Delhi temperatures and have a cool off shower every hour,
Sam working in the distance!

Born to lounge next to Papa!

Sam cooling the girls down

Sam reading the girls a story

Ah Hotel lifestyle, three weeks gets a bit much for two adults and twin girls. The walls are closing in, Cable television a slight comfort.

Outside the Foreigners Registration and Review office, the girls having a snooze on top of the car catching what little breeze there was. Glad to say today we are all approved to go home!


  1. Hi Sam, Phil Zoe and Ruby
    Love the pics!!! You should post the one of you in your boardies with the girl's, such a cute shot! Wow your so lucky going on another adventure. Miss miss you guys and girls!!! We miss India too!
    Kisses for the girls. Don't forget to post the shots from the Ganges and tell us all about it!
    Take care Bec Michael and Josh xx

  2. Rishikesh is great. The ganges is so clean as it flows north of the river. Not sure that you'll want to try the rafting (one dad at a time!!), but it's great if you get the chance. We've stayed at the Himalayan Hideaway, which was great! Have a wonderful time with your babies!

  3. Sam, do you have pants on? My eyes were shocked!!! Go Ruby go... love a girl who is as loud as me : ))

    xxx Meg and Tobes