Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello all!

Last night the girls slept from 7pm till 7am, absolute heaven! To celebrate this new stage I thought I would give the blog some attention and let everyone know how we are getting on! We are both loving family life. The girls are healthy and happy and pretty full days, spend a hour or two with Sam every morning  for play before he goes to work, and then I take over till about 6pm. Really love being Stay at home Dad. Joined a mothers group and we meet up every wednesday at a cafe, made some great new friends.  Still pumping out the dinner parties once a week, and going on the odd adventure. Life is good, we feel so blessed with our girls!
Here is some pics. 

Sam and Zoe playing Aeroplane

Happy Chickens

Fathers Day 2011

Dad and Mum snuggling the grandkids

Sam Ruby and I

Little Ruby, she will run the house one day!

Sam and Ruby Fathers Day Picnic

Me being a good housewife, cooking my first cake. Sam's Birthday Cake to be exact (a bit droopy in the middle, but tasted yummy)

Zoe and Ruby being Studious!

Little Zoe Happy Snook!


  1. They're adorable and you guys look like pros as dads. And that reading picture cracked me up. Thanks for the great update! Take care.

  2. The whole family looks SO happy! Can't wait for a pigtail update-- I have a feeling Ruby's going to reach that milestone mightly quickly! They are both just beautiful!!!

  3. Phil you look so cute in an apron!!! Lol! Love the pics. See you soon xx

  4. Love the pics guys keep them coming great to hear from you.

  5. Just beautiful! We will need to swap cake receipts Phil-Bo.

  6. Great photos-just gorgeous! Thanks for the updates,always nice to check in on the news. Best wishes, SJ & B xx

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