Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Whole family on the television talking about Surrogacy In Australia

Just thought I would post a link of the whole family on Channel 'Sunrise' Morning Television yesterday,

here is the link


it all went well,

P xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello all!

Last night the girls slept from 7pm till 7am, absolute heaven! To celebrate this new stage I thought I would give the blog some attention and let everyone know how we are getting on! We are both loving family life. The girls are healthy and happy and pretty full days, spend a hour or two with Sam every morning  for play before he goes to work, and then I take over till about 6pm. Really love being Stay at home Dad. Joined a mothers group and we meet up every wednesday at a cafe, made some great new friends.  Still pumping out the dinner parties once a week, and going on the odd adventure. Life is good, we feel so blessed with our girls!
Here is some pics. 

Sam and Zoe playing Aeroplane

Happy Chickens

Fathers Day 2011

Dad and Mum snuggling the grandkids

Sam Ruby and I

Little Ruby, she will run the house one day!

Sam and Ruby Fathers Day Picnic

Me being a good housewife, cooking my first cake. Sam's Birthday Cake to be exact (a bit droopy in the middle, but tasted yummy)

Zoe and Ruby being Studious!

Little Zoe Happy Snook!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We are Home!

Well been home for a few weeks to be exact in Melbourne. I guess the first thing to get ignored when you come home is the blog. Here are some pics of what's been going on, and great to finally have a routine of which we all abide by. Nursery is coming together and the girls are snug, sleeping well and all is good.
Washing Up will never be the same again!!!!
Girls meet Uncle Peter

From Summer Monsoon to Winter Wonderland the girls have outfits to suit!

Our Cat 'Squid' getting aquatinted

I am trying to master the art of automatic feeding for those busy period, nothing beats one on one bottle feeding though!

Double tiger in tree!

Sam having a laugh feeding Ruby

Me and Zoe 
New Modern Family

Still keeping the dinner party tradition alive trying to pull off one every two weeks!

Feed time!!!!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Naming Ceremony On the Ganges River

Well being based on India's holiest river we thought it appropriate to have a blessing and naming ceremony. Conducted by a local Swamy (Holy Man), it took about an hour, we were taken to the Ganges through a forested path that was absolutely filled with yellow butterflies. Then based ourselves in the shade next to the river, while the Swanee brought out sticks, herbs, powered colours and oils and proceeded to build a fire. Thru a translator we were asked to join and while he read Hindi text from the book, every so often we added a mixture of oiled sawdust to the fire and chant a rehearsed word. Red strings were tied around our wrists with a dot applied to our foreheads.

Then we proceeded down to the river side and they girls were dipped in the chilly Ganges, and blessed.

This was such a wonderful thing to do!!!!!!!!!

here are the pics.

Rishikesh Himalayan Trek

With all paperwork and health checks AOK and having four days to spare before we fly home, we decided to take the little ones up to Rishikesh at the gate of the Himalayas. We stayed at the Himalayan Hideaway and good to get fresh air and escape the delhi pollution. Here are some shots from the girls first (and ours) Himalayan adventure on the ganges!

Tomorrow we have arrange a naming ceremony and blessing on/in the ganges with a Swamee, so pics coming up!

S+P xxxx
check out the pollution (this is at Delhi Railway Station)!
Sam and the porters.
Giving the babies a feed on the train.
Pilgrims from all over India coming together for Holy Festival at Rishikesh!
Sam feeding Ruby on the go!
The Himalayan Hideaway  (looks inviting!!!)
Our home for the next four days, this place has the most amazing food!
View of the Ganges from our balcony! The river is 15 metres deep and has a very strong current especially in Monsoon period.
Our cottage

Girls having a snooze and enjoying the Monsoon Rains pelting on the roof!
Sam, the girls and I at the start of our little Ganges Trek 
Beautiful Bridge over the Ganges River
Sam with our Guide 
Himalayan Ambulance, (four men and a bed frame),the kid had a broken leg.
Altitude increasing 2 hours in and getting puffed.
Sam with some kids from the mountain top village
Nearly back to the Bridge were we started.