Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ben is scheduled for surgery

Ben stomach is now causing major problems, he cannot accept food or nutrients as he is very bloated. The doctors are not sure why his intestines are not processing. X-rays are not lending any more information.

So they need to open up the stomach to have a look and operate if necessary. The doctors think it may be a stricture (a narrowing of the intestines). This is a relatively simple operation and carries a low risk, if the doctors find a stricture, it can be fixed easily and quickly. .

Should have news on the operation later today, there is also a possibility the operation could happen tomorrow.
Time is of the essence here, hang in there little one.



  1. We'll continue to keep you all squarely in our prayers! Ben is strong...he's come a long way already!

  2. Well there's so much love and support out there. THank you everyone. The Doctor says Ben is running out of time. We are praying they find a stricture and can solve his bloated, non-fucntioning stomach with surgery
    Love to you all and our little Ben across the world

  3. We pray Ben's surgery is successful.Renee & Paul

  4. hi guys
    little Ben is constantly in my thoughts and prayers
    he is one little fighter
    as Edward said he has come such a long way already
    Thrive little one thrive

  5. Hoping all goes well today for darling little Ben. Thinking of you all and sending much love. Jennie xx

  6. Thinking about you a lot. Hope everything goes well today/tomorrow and that they find and fix his stomachproblem.

    // Hugs from Sweden

  7. All the best, little fellow. Make your Daddies proud !