Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good News

Surgery has been postponed by a day because Ben finally did a poo, this is such wonderful news. His stomach is still big so not over yet, but definitely a big step forward.  The most important thing is his intestines are starting to work. Oh god, it has been such a roller coaster, I have been freaking out  today. I have a feeling in the next few days a lot of nappy changing is in order, I hope so...    

so relieved.....

keep it up little one.

Sam Phil  xx


  1. Dear ones,

    All I can say is that Ben is constantly on our minds. Bob woke this morning with the news Ben had to have surgery, first thing i heard was about Ben as I was pulled from my slumber. This must be so awful for you both.

    Poo is good. How much gratitude we feel for a simple poop!

    We got a bit uptight because Toby didn't poo for 12 hours, and he is just fine. For you guys, your road to parenthood is just so tough. I wish you didn't have to go through this, but it seems like you do. If there is ANYTHING we can do, organise, arrange, buy, whatever ... we are here.

    So much love

    From Bob and Meg xxx

  2. great news guys
    im so happy to hear this
    i wish you a mountain of dirty diapers lol
    ive been going through the are they constipated why no poo days here as well lol
    and as you can imagin mine are preemies as well and there little bottoms cant handle what has to come out and seeing them in pain and feeling helpless is awful, ben giving them bicycle leg exercises trying to help things out lol
    you will soon know what i mean.
    as Amani anything i can do please just ask, im still here for a week or so

  3. Never been so excited about a poo before. Lots of luck and love to you all!

  4. Oh so relieved, St Jude now has more info, bring on the poops!!!! Will continue with my prayers and sending lots of cyber love to you and Sam and Ben xxxxx

  5. Hooray for the Poop-Monster!

    Here's to lots of crappy nappies from now on!

  6. This is great news and definitely the excitement of a poo is something new parents marvel at, especially after a dry spell. For you however this is a major relief. I hope little Ben keeps this up and continues to move forward.