Wednesday, August 11, 2010

little bit of food and is stable

Now Ben is on the big stuff, Formula that is. He is having a whopping 6mls every 3 hours and it seems to be processing well. All mid range activities going well, stools and urine passing as normal. Good news all round. Ventilator still at 30 % percent, next is to get him off that.

Looking forward to seeing him Friday,

P xxxxxx


  1. FANTASTIC news! Thanks for keeping us posted. We're pulling for you little man!!!!

  2. Heavy duty! Loving this progress. You have scared us little Ben. Keep on keeping on, your daddies are coming.

  3. Woah! Way to go Ben, doing a great job there.
    Now be good and know your Daddies are on their way. xxx

  4. Magnificent news Phil & Sam,keep up the great work Ben.

  5. Squeal! 'Snaps!' to Benny the Battler! Fantastic news ... xoxo

  6. Wonderful news. Lots of love travelling with you for little Ben. Safe journey. Love, Jennie & Ray xx

  7. I found your blog via Mike & Mike one... And I can say one thing: you have been very very courageous to go through all this.

    It seems that the worst is behind you now, long and happy live to Ben :-)

    Btw, I was myself a big premature (born at 1kg...still a bit more than Ben). And it was shocking for me to see your baby through all the feeding/respiratory tubes. Knowing I went through the same...

    And I can give a good new: no sequels at all, and doing a lot of sport. Ben should be perfectly fine.

    Mehdi & Corentin (now 6 months and 6.5 kg)

  8. I recently found your Blog and am so happy to read that Ben is progressing so nicely. You guys have really been through it and I pray that Ben continues to grow stronger each day. I bet you can't wait to see him and my guess is that once you are there and he feels the love and strength from you, he will thrive!

  9. It is so wonderful to read that Ben is doing better. Safe travels to India. You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers.