Monday, August 9, 2010

More good news

Benjamin is now fully existing without the Inotropes, so that is a very good thing. Didn't think he would come off them so quickly but there you go ! Also today he was introduced orally water for the first time, and the doctors want to see how he progresses with that.

Regarding all activities mid range, poop and pee, steady as he goes. 

Looking forward to getting him off the ventilator, then he will be feeling so much more freedom.

4 Days till we see him, get ready for pictures!!!!!

S + P xxxxxxx


  1. We're ready for pics, too! Safe travels, Phil & Sam. Hang in there, Ben!

  2. We are ready and waiting for photos. Give him a big kiss and tell him not to frighten (do you spell it like that) us anymore! Good luck with journey and continue to write. It feels so much better when we know he is getting better and better day by day!

  3. Well done Ben - keep up the good work!

  4. Woo-hoo! Fantastic news ... we're all keeping everything crossed, and we can't wait until we see some piccies! Good start to what will hopefully be a great week! TPEG+1 xoxo

  5. This is absolutley wonderful news and you must be over the moon with excitement and relief. What an understatement!!!!

    We are so happy to hear this and will keep on praying for you and little Ben.

    Johnny, Darren & Noah

  6. Brilliant news! Way to go lil bubba.. you keep being good for your parents.

    Tough little fighters ROCK!

  7. Great news guys,way to go Ben!!

  8. Go Ben Go! You have two daddies who can't wait to get you in their arms to show you how much they love you!