Monday, August 16, 2010

Not so good today

Met the doctor at the door today, and it seems Bens Kidneys are underdeveloped and has not been producing enough red blood cells to keep him going. Around now they will be giving him a blood transfusion. It was such disheartening news, he looked pale and very tired.  Also his stomach has grown again, this time with gas and we are waiting for a burp, they have stopped feeding him temporary until the stomach goes down.
We did our best to sing him Nursery Rhymes but when we are so emotional it is easy to break into tears. The lyrics of these songs are usually so tender, it just screwed us up at every attempt. Whenever we do cry the nurse tells us to 'Control Yourself'. Its funny she is so sweet and caring but goes militant whenever we bring on the tears.  I think she says it so we learn to be stronger for Ben. The singing plays a massive part in our connection with him, as we can only touch him a little bit. Cuddling has been delayed again due to his new situation.

On a more positive note, he looked at us today again, had a bit of a stretch and made a coo noise. Still off the ventilator which is good.

S+P  xx


  1. We continue to pray for all of you. You are in our thoughts during this trying time for your family.


  2. Praying for you. Hold on! Blessings to all.

  3. Your in our thoughts all day long, sending big hugs and kisses...
    Anthony and Liam

  4. So sorry that your little guy is having such a rough time.


  5. He's proven to the world he's a fighter....keep on keepin' on little man!!!!
    We are glad you are there with him.

  6. Your all in our thoughts and prayers Sam,Phil and Ben.

  7. it must be a relief to be there with little ben so that he can feel how much you love him. i think of you guys all of the time. i know this is a hard time for you. people around the world are routing and prayering for you. hang in there

  8. Lots of love from the gibbsies,
    we are praying that this latest hurdle
    resolves itself, hang in there guys, xxx

  9. Now young Ben.. heres the deal

    You get better FAST ok!! Your Daddies need you healthy and well to take you home.
    So get cracking little one. Hurry up and get well.

    Lots of healign dust comming your way.