Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hi Everyone

Baby One

Baby Two
We are still here, and 2011 has brought great gifts, little bubs at 27 weeks now. This time we have one baby growing in each surrogate. Both are due late June.  Please find attached photos of them, judging by the photo's, (already they look gorgeous!) I think its a boy (baby 1) and a girl (Baby 2), won't know till they pop out.

Sam has been getting quite involved in the Surrogacy community, which is under alot of debate here in Australia. If you would like to see him chat about our journey on television. Here is the link.

He did a good job holding it together like that very proud!

All the best to everyone out there and hope your 2011 is shaping up and looking as good and hopeful as ours. We keep you posted over the next few months.

Sam and Phil xxxxxxxx


  1. I saw Sam on Tv the other night, little cuties already Phil.

  2. Brilliant pics guys! I thought the same! One of each for sure! You're due around the same time as us, we are 25 weeks at present and due in Delhi around 12th July so we can introduce our babies!! Congrats again! x

  3. Yay for 27 weeks!!! Very exciting. Pics are great, boy girl for sure (like I know..)

  4. Based on the nose logic, I vote baby 1 is a girl and baby 2 is a boy. Regardless, all VERY exciting. Hoping for a boring 20+ years for you guys.

  5. Wonderful news Sam & Phil, June will be here before you know it. Renee & Paul

  6. wonderful to have found your blog...your story is amazing. thanks for sharing, guys! the photos are so cool...!

  7. hi sam and phil
    Thank you both for sharing your journey! Me and my husband are very interested in following in your steps. How did you begin? We cant find out how to "apply" at SCI. Please just write a short answer, if you have the time. /Best regards Mathias and Christian from Sweden.

  8. Hi Sam and Phil,
    Just wanted to say that my hubby and I are going to try surrogacy with Dr. Shivani this year. I watched the insight program and I wanted to say how very sorry I was for the loss of your beautiful boys. I was disgusted at the lack of empathy by Renata and I think you handled yourself with so much dignity. Best wishes for the arrival of your babies. You sound like wonderful people.
    Regards, Bec and Mb. (Melb)