Monday, June 6, 2011

Not long Now!

Hi Everyone,

well leaving for Delhi on the 21st, accommodation all booked and ready to roll.
One of the surrogates went into hospital with heavy contractions last week, but with medication and care this all settled down. She is now doing fine and home again.  Only mentioning the other day our little ones  may be full term this time and it's going to be so good to have fat little budda's!!!
Nursery still in disarray, and a few more things to purchase (like a car to fit the whole family) but overall we are gearing up and ready. Will post pics and give updates of course.

Getting excited

love to all

Sam and Phil xxx


  1. Not long to go! How exciting!! Keep us updated on how things go.

  2. How wonderful! I am so thrilled for you guys!

  3. Fantastic guys, definitely two little fat babies in there! We fly to Delhi on the 12th July, will you still be around?? We are there until 20th September! Would be great to meet up and meet the new additions!! Congrats again, very happy for you both x

  4. Fantastic news! Thanks for posting an update. Safe travels and best wishes.

  5. so so happy for you both
    look forward to one day meeting you and your family

  6. Thanks for the update. We will be thinking about you all. Chad and I get back to Delhi (we live and work there) at the end of July, so let me know if you need anything!

  7. Sam and Phil,
    We are from Brazil and going to Delhi to wait for our babies on june 24.
    We would like to send the best wishes to you and your babies. Good Luck!!!!
    Flavia and Marcelo

  8. Thinking of you everyday. Wish you guys the world of luck, God bless and Enjoy you're babies XXX