Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back in Delhi!

Hi Everyone.

Luckily we flew out 2 hours before the Chilean Ash Cloud hit Melbourne again (all flights have been grounded now), we arrived in Delhi late last night. Staying at the Hotel Svelte, which is conveniently built right on top of Delhi's biggest shopping mall Select City Walk, (where you want for nothing). Supermarkets, three baby stores, fashion, restaurants, cinemas etc etc.
This is our fourth trip to this mega city and we have gone for the completely modern, totally western existence, as apposed to the more cultural experience of trips gone by.

Had a chat to Dr Shivani today, and both little bubs and surrogates doing well. We are expecting a birth or two next week, so just settling in for now and giving that rooftop pool a workout!!!! Calm before the tsunami me thinks.

Have a few people to catch up with while we are here.
If anyone is in Delhi, love to catch up, do lunch/dinner or just chat, please get in contact.

Love to everyone out there at home and around the globe,

Sam and Phil xxx


  1. Brilliant news! Best wishes and looking forward to your updates & photos. B & SJ xx

  2. Hi Sam and Phil,

    Thats great!!! Can't believe your little ones aren't here yet! I keep checking for the pics and good news!!! We leave in about 2 1/2 weeks so not long now! When do you think yours will arrive?? So exciting!

    See you soon for celebratory drinks!

    Adam and Michael

  3. So thrilled that your babies have gone to term. Enjoy this wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing the happy news.

  4. Good luck guys. I can say it has been a truly amazing first week with little Jasper. Nothing like I had expected. You have awesomeness ahead of you.

  5. Hope you are living it up at Svelte. You must try the club sandwich.....the best ever in our books. There is also an awesome kebab shop outside near the movies board !!!!
    Can't wait to "read" about the new arrivals soon.
    Best Wishes

  6. Great to hear you are settling into Svelte, kind of makes me miss the place. I second Gem on the club sandwich!
    Looking forward to hearing of your babies arrivals.
    Enjoy that pool :-)
    Kara xx

  7. Godspeed! We stayed at the Svelte for our first visit. Nothing can beat the convenience of being attached to a mega-mall. Enjoy all of the fantastic blessings to come fast and furious in the coming days/weeks.

  8. sending you lots of virtual hugs and wishes for safe delivery of those precious babies !

  9. Getting so excited for you guys! :)

  10. Hi Sam and Phil
    We fly in tomorrow night at 840pm but have to go straight to hospital for injection, then to Svelte! Last min stresses, hope that ash cloud has gone away otherwise we are in a spot of trouble!
    Cant wait to meet you, I guess we will just leave a message at reception for you when we get there so we can catch up!
    Hows the weather????
    Regards Bec

  11. Hi Bec
    Its very hot outside, but monsoon rains dont start til 29 June apparently. We are in room 307 so just come and knock or ring my Indian mobile 8802679627.
    See you soon!!

  12. Thank goodness you got out of Au with the ash clash going on! Do keep us updated.

  13. Philip & AdamJune 25, 2011 at 4:35 PM

    Hi Guys
    Wishing you all the best in the coming weeks. Adam & I are just starting our journey and arrive on 2 July for our first visit, staying at Svelte. Appreciate you may be fully committed by the time we arrive but if you're still 'in waiting' we'd love to catch up...
    (We're Aussie/British living in London....)
    All the best.... A&P

  14. Hi Sam & Phil,
    Thinking of you both at this very exciting time. Look forward to hearing of your bubs safe arrival and cant wait to see their photos. Sending you all my love.
    Jennie xx