Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can't Sleep!

Tomorrow is the day the babies will be born!!
surreal.....  yes
excited......   yes
organised....    not entirely
ready for a cuddle.......  absolutely.

Not sure if they will have a C-section or natural, I guess its up to the Doctors and Surrogates to decide.

To monitor their condition, the little ones will probably be in the hospital for a few days, it is not instant. When they finally leave the hospital, the hotel will supply a cot for us which is nice. Also SCI will organise a nurse  to give us a hand to groove into it and make sure we do the right thing. Unfortunately the little pumpkins do not come with one manual.

Already both of us are starting to philosophise on rearing practices, 'we will do this, won't do that etc etc', but i think we both secretly still stick to my favourite one 'whatever works'! We will see.......

Sharing the journey with some lovely people over here, Dinner, Day trips and Drinks! Made some good new friends from all walks of life.

Hopefully Photo's and Big News tomorrow. Our family will have doubled in size.

love to all and thank you for your messages of support

Sam and Phil xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Try and get some sleep tonight!!! I can still remember that feeling, enjoy every minute in meeting your new family members.... Good luck guys can not wait to see the pics!!!

  2. WOW!!! This is the moment when your lives will change forever more. Cherish every second of the transition , and think positive. It will be an amazing journey, and all strength to you two. Congratulations on this major moment in life. Love, Ailsa xxx

  3. I agree with W & M! Get a good nights rest. I think you can safely assume it will be the quietest rest for a while. CELEBRATE those beautiful babies...can't wait to see photos. Good luck.

  4. We are so excited for you two....soon to be four! It was really great to meet you both this week and share some Delhi highs!!! Mazel

  5. Fantastic news boys. Good Luck. We are thinking of you and you and can't wait to see pictures of the two new additions. Best wishes

  6. I keep checking for your updates. Looking forward to hearing the news. I too can remember the night before so well.

  7. Good Luck guys, ENJOY you're moment, its been a long road. Sending Love (lots), luck and all of Gods blessing you're way!


  8. so exciting!!!! Enjoy your last moments without babies. Your life will change soon. And what a life it's going to be.

    We are so so happy for you!!

    ula and saul

  9. You and your babies are so in our thoughts today! Wishing you and your SM's the absolute best for an uncomplicated delivery, and healthy and happy safe births!!!!

    We're thrilled for you both and can't wait for your next update!!!!!!

    Michael and Adam x

  10. Congratulations guys, so excited, we want pics, as soon as possible!!!!!!!

    love Meg, Bob and Toby xxx