Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome to the World !!!!!!!

Our gorgeous little girl  

Zoe June Everingham

Born 27th June, 2011  8.55am


3.28 kg

Very Proud and Happy Parents here!

She is in good health, everything is normal.

Zoe will be under medical monitoring for the next six hours,
after that we are allowed physical contact!  Just can't wait...........
For now she is 5 metres away, behind glass.

Next Birth expected later this afternoon!

A great start to a very wonderful day indeed!


S + P xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Welcome to the world, Zoe! Congratulations, Sam and Phil! Can't wait to see more pics and meet you next bundle of joy!

  2. Woo hoo Congratulations boys and welcome to the world Zoe...Love the girls at This Space

  3. Congratulations, I am so happy for you both.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful news! We are absolutely thrilled for you guys. I'll be stalking yet again for arrival No.2.
    Love Kara

  5. Welcome to your wonderful family Zoe. We love her name. Can't wait to hear the safe arrival of her twibling.

  6. Wow she looks nice and healthy with some lovely chubbiness already! Congratulations again to the proud parents, Michaela

  7. Congratulations!! Wonderful news- looking forward to your follow up posts with even more exciting news :)

  8. Amazing!!! So happy for you both, you must be thrilled!!! Wonderful name too....looking forward to meeting you all on the 13th July!!! x

  9. Our beloved Zoe was our dog for thirteen years and I seriously contemplated naming our new pup the same name...but she got Chloe instead. Congratulations guys! That's just incredibly awesome. So so happy for you...can't wait to hear more news on the next delivery.

  10. Congratulations Sam & Phil. I am ever so thrilled for you both.
    Welcome darling little Zoe.

    Now sitting here waiting for further news.
    Lots of love to you all,

    Jennie xxx

  11. Yahhhh! What a little darling. Lots of dark hair too! We are utterly delighted on this great news and can't wait for No2 to be here too! What a day for you both!! Hugs n kisses from us all. Carolyn

  12. Congratulations! How wonderful!!! :D

  13. This is the best news S +P and she is such a good weight. Welcome to the World Zoe. Bring on Baby Number 2. Thinking of you all at this very exciting time. Best Wishes

  14. Congratulations!! Great weight, and she looks so good , even from afar!

  15. What wonderful news to wake up to. So happy for you guys! Can't wait for announcement #2! All the best, B

  16. Wow. Wow. Wow. Just logged on here to check how things were going and you've had a baby girl! How wonderful. Big BIG congratulations to you both!!! xxxxx

  17. SO happy for you both!!
    I love you both so much and now I have Zoe to love too,yipee!!
    As soon as your back I want to leave Lani here and come down to meet her and help so let me know when your ready cause I can't wait!
    Lots a love Jo and