Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally all together In the Hospital

On the second day we spent 2 hours with the girls. Finally got to meet Ruby, just gorgeous. So cute! Had a nurse today training us how to feed with the bottle (you really have to shove it in!), and change nappys! So all good on that front. Great to just be with them both today. 
Born Monday 27th June, out of the hospital later today on Wednesday 29th June.

Here are some pics!!!!! 

Group pic is some of the new friends we have met whilst in Delhi. 
From Left to Right      Sam, Mike, Eric, Phil, Josh, Bec and Michael. 


  1. What a lovely family...:)
    Your girls are gorgeous...Congratulations!!


  2. WOW! I think it was January when I commented on your blog... came back once and all was quiet. Am so glad I went onto Twitter today!

    Congratulations on the births of Zoe & Ruby, they are gorgeous. I'm so pleased for you all.

    Best wishes for the future,

  3. They're so precious! Enjoy these first days and weeks. Time flies and next thing you know, they'll be running all through the house!

  4. Beautiful daughters! you two look so proud :)

  5. Such lovely little ladies! Congratulations and keep enjoying this truly amazing time. SJ & B xx

  6. Such a happy bunch of photos. Thanks for sharing guys. You must be over the moon. Just wonderful! Savor all these moments...

  7. What gorgeous little chubba bubbas. So good they are out of hospital so quickly. You both look so happy it is lovely to see.

  8. What a fantastic looking family! So incredibly happy for your guys!

  9. oh they are cute cute cute! so pleased you are all together now as a family and look forward to seeing more pics soon, you both look over the moon.. all the best with your travels with them home.. make sure to ask for bulk head seats in the plane so you can put them in a little bed while you fly ... all the best in the coming weeks :)

  10. Such a beautiful family!! Congrats guys!

  11. Just lovely! What beautiful little girls. Can't wait to meet them at our next surro get-together.
    Congratulations guys! So happy for you.

  12. Congratulations, the girls are so cute!