Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back at the Hotel

Finally got the all clear to go back to the Hotel, 
so much better to have them here.

Our Australian friends (Bec and Michael ), decorated our room with balloons, Champagne and pink things to welcome the girls home. Which was fantastic. Had a little homecoming party to celebrate!

The bonding continues, little personalities popping out already.
we have help from nurses 24hrs a day to help us do the right thing and get our confidence up!

Burping, Feeding, Pooing   its all happening.

Life is good…….

S + P xxxxxxx


  1. Oh, they are delicious!

    My boys used to love sleeping together, very slightly back-to-back (while still sleeping on their backs, if you know what I mean!). It seemed to give them a lot of comfort, but then again they had spent 9 months jammed together and your girls haven't!

    They are (I have to repeat it) gorgeous.

  2. Congrats boys (& girls)!!! You wait till you really get home it is a wonderful feeling!!! Enjoy the bonding, room service and nurses while you have them however!!