Monday, July 4, 2011

Great News

I found my camera (side pocket of the baby bag). So here is a lot of pictures of the last few days. Girls doing just fine, all good here!
We are definitely getting the hang of it (at the moment) and a little less reliant on the nurses!
SCI and Svelte Hotel have been great!
Sam Phil xxxxxxxx

Jeja, Ruth, the girls and Sam 

The Bakers with Ruby

Me giving Ruby a feed.

Zoe having a wail.

Sam with Tulpi, Luca and Ajay

Melissa having a snuggle with Ruby


Sam was asleep so I gave him a few bed companions!!

Occupants of the Svelte Hotel, all at different stages on the journey with SCI
(LtoR) Ben, Sam, Phil, Michael, Bec and Josh

The Bakers from Melbourne

Merry Times

Zoe and I

Hanging out at Home


  1. Amanda & Keith & ZoeJuly 4, 2011 at 1:53 PM

    Love it! Camera could be "anywhere in Delhi"... but it's actually in the baby bag. Nice one. Welcome to baby chaos. Everything looks like it's going so well! Good luck with the flights. Consensus in my mothers groups seems to be that baby jetlag lasts up to 5 days, so if your first week at home is more sleepless than your last week in Delhi, just tough it out and things will improve! xx

  2. Thanks Amanda Honey, yes the plane trip, defiantly uncharted waters. The girls seem to love alot of activity around them so may be OK. We just love the swaddles, gucci goo! And Delhi has been awesome this time, good times!!!!! Phil xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Wonderful photos..keep them coming now that camera has turned up! SJ & B xx

  4. So glad you are liking Svelte....a bit of luxury whilst being new parents is needed. Bad news is room service and cleaning service ends when you get home!!! The girls are gorgeous. Don't stress the plane trip - the babies will probably sleep the entire time. Hope your paperwork is coming along nicely. Best Wishes

  5. They are just stunning! Congratulations again!!!

  6. What a beautiful family, I am SO Happy for you guys! Just makes me want to cry! xxxx