Friday, July 1, 2011

Hi Everyone

Well please to announce we did our first day on our own today with no nurse, and did just fine! A few days ago we came back to the hotel, we have had around the clock care for 36 hours to educate and let us sink into it. Now we are going to cover the daytime when possibles and keep the night nurse from 8pm to 8am. The nurses have been really good!

Went to the doctor today and things looking good, both babies in good health, Zoe has a tear duct that needs a bit of rubbing and encouragement to unblock and Ruby has a bit of a cold. Both feeding well and sleeping well.

We are just loving being parents!

Some bad news is I have lost my camera, (could be in the room or anywhere in Delhi) so no photo updates at the moment, hope it turns up!!!!!

The girls are just fabulous.

Love to all

Sam and Phil xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Such great news that the girls are going great and feeding well. Please keep the updates coming... Would love more photos when you find the camera! Kisses to your princesses. Carolyn

  2. WOO HOO - just catching up with the news. HUGE congratulations guys. Two little (or maybe not so little) princesses. You are officially screwed...


  3. Dear Sam and Phil Congrat! I`ve being reading your blog since a couple days ago, because Carlos and me, are planning to start the treatment at Dr. Shivani. We will be there from July 17th until 23th. Actually we will be staying at the same hotel. Are you gonna be in New Delhi for that time? Will be able to meet you? My e-mail is thank you and congrat again!

  4. Dear Phil And Sam
    We arrived in Sao Paulo, Brasil on wednesday. The children are great. He hope you all the best!!!
    We enjoyed to meet you!!!
    Keep in touch!!!
    MArcelo, Flavia, Johnny, Lu, Alexandre and Juliana